How do you pronounce the word “boudoir?”

Boudoir: (boo-dwa or boo-d-war) – it means a woman’s bedroom or private room/dressing room.

Where will my session be held?

Most sessions take place in our private studio in the heart of Chico, CA. Occasionaly we will held sessions in another location, such as a hotel. We also sometimes travel to other cities for sessions.

What does my session include?

All sessions include an ultra-pampering photo session by Jen Pearce and assisted by our all-female staff. We also include professional makeup for every session, with the option of adding a professional hairstyle. Our studio gives our clients special access to our boutique wardrobe as well as accessories and our shoe closet! Sessions also include a premier private viewing session after the shoot. All albums, gifts & prints are purchased separately from the session.

What if I need to reschedule?

We understand things come up. Please understand that rescheduling impacts our studio, the makeup artist and salon where we have reserved special time for our clients. We do allow the ability to reschedule 60 days in the future.

How should I prepare?

Contact us today and get our FREE app that includes everything you need to know to be ready for your shoot!

How revealing is the shoot?

We tailor each session to each client’s comfort and goal look. We range from fully-dressed, to implied nudity to tasteful nude.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely yes! We want to make your session as comfortable as possible. Please limit your guest to just one female friend.

Where do I find cute outfits?

Look in HIS closet! Is there something in there that you know he’d love to see you in? A tie, boxers, white button down shirt, his fav jersery?

Look in YOUR closet! What pieces does he love for you to wear? Do you have a color that looks best on you? A color that makes your eyes POP? Bring items that fit you WELL.

When shopping, we recommend Heavenly Blue Fine Lingerie, located in downtown Chico. They are professionals at fitting items and carry an amazing variety of colors and styles. Ask us for a coupon to go shopping.

What excuses do gals use to keep the session a secret?

“I’m taking some time for me and going shopping today…”

“I’m doing some really boring wedding planning, why don’t you stay home and watch the game?…”

“I’m in need of some girl time, I’m going to hang out with [insert girlfriend’s name], see you later tonight…”

“I’m doing another trial for my hair and makeup for the wedding…”

We DO recommend going out to dinner/drinks with a girlfriend AFTER your shoot! It helps clients not have to lie about their whereabouts AND it makes a great celebration ending to the experience!

Will you retouch my photos?

Yes, we usually smooth skin to give every woman a flawless complexion.

I’m concerned about my privacy…how will my images be handled and by whom?

Privacy is our #1 concern for all our clients. We operate our studio with the utmost discretion and images are kept strictly private. If our studio does use an image for marketing, it is always discussed with the client before its use. Images & orders are handled exclusively by the photographer (who is female).

Does this studio do any other types of photography?

Yes! Jen does weddings, portraits, families and an occasional event. Just ask!